Sweet Love.

Sir Arthur and I decided that we needed a vacation together. Life gets busy, things get scheduled and before you know it your are living in the same house, under the same roof with your lover that has now turned into your roommate. EW. So in order to rekindle and reconnect we thought… why not head to NEW YORK? YES PLEASE. So here’s our trip, from Brooklyn to Manhattan, to East Village and Soho.

We had fun, we rekindled and we left full: mind, body and soul!


Favourite Restaurant: The Fat Radish (The Essex aka China Town)

Favourite Cocktail Bar: Maison Premier (Brooklyn)

Favourite Moment: Champagne Porch Party

Photo 6-1-2014, 5 38 55 PM (1)


xox :: Lexington


City Slickin’ May XXIV

We decided to keep this weekend low-key. Everyone was going up North and heading to cottage country to ring in the Summer Season (jealous). As much as I would have loved to be on a BOAT, sitting by the delicious smells of CAMPFIRE and eating BEANS & WEINS – it was a much needed city weekend at home. We planned nothing, did everything and had some really great friends to do that with. Here are some places you should plan on enjoying, next time you have a whole weekend of wonderful in the city:

The Federal (Dundas West). One of my absolute FAVOURITE restaurants. Wine, Cheese + Steak (HELLO, YES PLEASE).

BakerBots (Bloor + Ossington). The BEST Ice Cream Sandwhiches (Birthday Cake Coookie w/ Vanilla Bean Ice Cream… #ShutUpandStopIt).

The Westerly. Fresh pressed coffee, beautiful restaurant, delicious food and… no line up. (SOLD!)

Czehoski. This place is perfect for afternoon cocktails, and seriously the popcorn is LOVE in your mouth. Get it into ya.


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Summer in the City, we’re ready for you!

mom in a million.

Growing up I was fortunate to have a good mother, a strong mother, and a mother that was a MOTHER and not a best friend. She never needed to win the coolest mom award, by letting underage kids party in her basement while they polished off a couple brews or two. She wasn’t naive, but she wasn’t a rule-breaker either. I use to wish it could be different. I wanted a cool mom, a mom that didn’t ground me, or say no, and let me go to friends parties when their parents weren’t home. BUT when I think of my 16 year old sassy self, who knew little to nothing about life (but thought she knew it all) I cannot thank my mom for being the mom she was – because now she is not only my mom but my very best friend and confidant.

I look at my mother and see her preciousness. Her corky comments that use to make me roll my eyes, now make me smile. I see so much of myself in her, and I love that. It has taken years of understanding each other and accepting each other to have the relationship we have, but we fought for each other…she always fought for me.

I believe that if you want to have a strong and loving relationship with anyone, especially your family you have to constantly put energy, time and effort into it. When you do that, your relationships blossom into something really beautiful, something you couldn’t live without.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom a Million, the fairest of them all.

 DSC_1273 DSC_1274

Cinco de Mayo Monday.

I remember last year sitting on the rooftop at The Drake Hotel watching Sir Arthur run around making Mexican-Inspired cocktails for Cinco de Mayo. He was making them, and I was drinking them (we definitely complement each other well).

This year is a little different, a little more exciting for Sir Arthur. He will be mixing cocktails at Drake One Fifty’s Cinco De Mayo Celebration where guest Chef Donnie Masterton will be wowing guests with an authentic pop-up Mexican menu. Arthur has two of his Tromba Tequila cocktail’s featured on the drink list tonight, so you should definitely go try them. The restaurant is sold out at 220 reservations which doesn’t surprise me…I mean HELLO this city LOVES to celebrate.

If you are feeling festive, LOVE tequila, but want to stay home on your Cinco De Mayo Monday then try Sir Arthur’s Tromba-based cocktail: Cold Smoke (it’s #HotDamnDelicious and has a slight kick of spice).

Cold Smoke:

1.5oz Tromba Blanco Tequila

0.5 oz Yellow Chartreuse

0.5. oz Fortuna Mezcal

0.75 Fresh Lime Juice

0.5 Cold Infused Jalapeño Syrup

2 Dashes of Bad Dog Bar craft, Fire and Damnation Bitters

Ginger Beer

Combine all the ingredients above (except ginger beer) into a shaker tin. Shake it like a polaroid picture. Strain over fresh ice in a large rocks glass and top it off with ginger beer. Lastly, skewer a piece of candied ginger and sliced Jalapeño to make it look pretty.


xx – Lexington

braids for days.

When I was in elementary school, sometimes my mom would have to go into work early. I instantly knew what kind of morning my father and I would be having…A HAIR WAR. I would be standing in front of dad in the washroom, looking in the mirror as he would delicately separate my hair into three sections (ready to take on the French Braid). OH LORD.

I would be instructing him the entire time, until i would give up and end up going to school with a soggy loose braid, wrapped up in a fantastic banny (headband). The best part, my dad would bribe me with $5 if I could keep my it in for the entire day (I was a hot mess).

There is NOTHING delicate about braiding. You gotta grab, twist, pull that hair into braided knot perfection. Now I am very grateful that my father did not MASTER the FRENCH BRAID (thanks dad, your efforts were always appreciated) because it forced me to learn how to braid. And now I can have fun with my hair like this…

braidedphoto 2       braided mohawk     double braided crown

Have fun with your hair, watch HOW TO tutorials, go on Pinterest, and get creative when it comes to your “TOP MOP.”